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An elected official of ancient Rome who was responsible for public works and games and who supervised markets, the grain supply, and the water supply.

[Latin aedīlis, from aedēs, house.]


(ˈiːdaɪl) or


(Historical Terms) a magistrate of ancient Rome in charge of public works, games, buildings, and roads
[C16: from Latin aedīlis concerned with buildings, from aedēs a building]


or e•dile

(ˈi daɪl)

a magistrate in ancient Rome in charge of public buildings, streets, services, markets, games, and the distribution of grain.
[1570–80; < Latin aedīlis=aed(ēs) temple, shrine + -īlis -ile2]
ae′dile•ship`, n.
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63) suggest that the cod-official tone and the references to superintending indicate that Horace is adopting language recalling the aedilician duty of supervising the cleaning of public buildings.
816); but in her catalogue of Senate speakers she lists Favonius as a senator of aedilician rank in 49 (p.
1), so Favonius (mentioned later in the same letter) could have been a candidate at the praetorian comitia which preceded the aedilician.
Favonius' campaign is therefore closely related in time to the delayed aedilician comitia (Fam.
Both Volcacius and Cicero were consulars, and would normally speak before Favonius; the fact that one of them did so cannot help us decide whether Favonius was of praetorian or merely aedilician rank.