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Noun1.aerobic exercise - exercise that increases the need for oxygenaerobic exercise - exercise that increases the need for oxygen
cardiopulmonary exercise - exercise intended to strengthen the circulatory system
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Michele explains, "You don't have to choose between an aerobic workout, boot camp, sports-training, plyometrics, or weights.
The pair opened their fitness centre at Teesside Industrial Estate to offer a hard-core aerobic workout using the latest hi-tech Wattbikes - and users can complete a highly-effective workout in as little as 15 minutes.
Katie is teaching a fun aerobic workout that anyone can do at the session on November 4.
The mini-trampoline aerobic workout is easy, fun and 68 per cent more effective than jogging, according to a Nasa study.
The regular, steady rhythm of the pedaling increases your heart rate and gives you a more consistent aerobic workout.
Canyon Ranch: Yoga for Strength & Energy lives up to its title and is a choice pick for fitness DVD collections; either of its 20-minute routines can also double as a solid warm-up or cool-down for an aerobic workout.
An aerobic workout should start out with uplifting music at a tempo of about 130 BPM (beats per minute) and build to around 150 BPM.
It involves body flexibility so your muscles will gain from the aerobic workout and remain flexible.
In less than 60 minutes, instructors deliver a fun and easy-to-follow workout that includes a gentle warm up, 30-minute aerobic workout, muscle toning and strengthening segment with weights or resistance tubes, and a stretch finale.
As the name suggests, cardio boxing is an aerobic workout that involves directing boxing movements towards a particular tempo.
Insulin and leptin were also positively affected by the interval exercise but not the aerobic workout.
The event was part of the charity's Child's Voice Appeal and saw participants undergo a two-hour aerobic workout.