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a.1.Of or pertaining to aërometry; as, aërometric investigations.
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In particular, the particle size distribution was evaluated using the aerometric and sedimentation methods.
Biodiesel is better than that of diesel based on some of its physical properties like sulfur content, flash point, aerometric content and biodegradability (Syed Amear et al.
Environmental Protection Agency's Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS) monitoring network (http://www.
New-generation, fine-resolution urban meteorological, emissions, and air-quality modeling * Aerometric data analysis, weather derivatives, and applied meteorology
To determine prenatal exposure levels to pollution, the mothers' residences during pregnancy were geocoded and pollutant concentrations were obtained from the Aerometric Information Retrieval System supported by the U.
2]), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter of median aerometric diameter less than 2.
viation support company Smyrna Air Center has completed its first Power 90 Upgrade conversion for AeroMetric, a full service geospatial solutions company, GE Aviation announced on Monday.
The authors used data on the monitoring of air pollution from the Environmental Protection Agency's Aerometric Information Retrieval System with the use of AirData.
Ground level ozone data for the study area were obtained from the Federal Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS) and consisted of hourly ozone concentration averages for each day from March through October for 1985 and 1986 and from April through September for 1987 and 1988.
Electronic data of air pollution, for instance, is collected in the EPA's Aerometric Information Retrieval System.
The Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS) is the national repository that contains information about airborne pollution.