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Aerodynamic in styling. Used especially of automotive vehicles.


(Aeronautics) (modifier) of or relating to aircraft or aeronautics: an aero engine.


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) an organization in the air-transport industry


a combining form meaning “air”: aerodynamics.
Also, esp. before a vowel,aer-.
[< Greek, =āer-, s. of āḗr air + -o- -o-]


1. aeronautic; aeronautical.
2. aeronautics.
3. aerospace.
References in classic literature ?
Above the clustering gasometers three unfamiliar shapes appeared, thin, wallowing bladders that flapped and rolled about, and grew bigger and bigger and rounder and rounder--balloons in course of inflation for the South of England Aero Club's Saturday-afternoon ascent.
The Aero Club announced the project of a great Flying Exhibition in a large
The former Vac Aero subsidiary has a range of customer approvals and will continue to serve key customers in Europe including UTC, Pratt and Whitney and Siemens.
Aero Kinetics provides solutions such as high-end UAVs, associated communications and software capability, to a corporate customer base.
CPI Aero is engaged in the contract production of structural aircraft parts for leading prime defense contractors, the U.
An agreement has been signed by Aero Kinetics with Strat Aero US Holdings, Inc.
Volvo Aero deals in design, engineering and production of components and sub-assemblies for aircraft engine turbines.
The total 2011 year-to-date awards for CPI Aero from all customers is $81.
Volvo Aero now becomes sole owner of Volvo Aero Norge after the American company United Technologies Corporation, acting through its Pratt & Whitney division, accepted an offer for its share in the company, equating to approx.
We are extremely proud that our past performance has reinforced this customer's confidence in CPI Aero, which has led to this new order.
It was also the CFM56 that initially prompted the cooperation between Snecma and Volvo Aero Norway as early as 1982.
India Business Council (USIBC) mission during Aero India 2007, which seeks to strengthen the momentum of the recent U.