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Aerodynamic in styling. Used especially of automotive vehicles.


(Aeronautics) (modifier) of or relating to aircraft or aeronautics: an aero engine.


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) an organization in the air-transport industry


a combining form meaning “air”: aerodynamics.
Also, esp. before a vowel,aer-.
[< Greek, =āer-, s. of āḗr air + -o- -o-]


1. aeronautic; aeronautical.
2. aeronautics.
3. aerospace.
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It was expected that people would comment about how convenient Aeros is because it can be used in any 'No Smoking' area without restriction and without affecting others.
23, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- International AERO Products, AERO, is proud to announce the unveiling of the AERO Edition C7 Corvette created by ABBES Design and built by MRT Engineered Performance at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Volvo Aero deals in design, engineering and production of components and sub-assemblies for aircraft engine turbines.
Volvo Aero now becomes sole owner of Volvo Aero Norge after the American company United Technologies Corporation, acting through its Pratt & Whitney division, accepted an offer for its share in the company, equating to approx.
The commercial aero engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) function plays an
It was also the CFM56 that initially prompted the cooperation between Snecma and Volvo Aero Norway as early as 1982.
India Business Council (USIBC) mission during Aero India 2007, which seeks to strengthen the momentum of the recent U.
We continue to expand our business with GE on the Aero Derivative programs and this 3-9 Spool gives good synergies with the rest of our products in the rotating part manufacturing center," said Olof Persson, President and CEO of Volvo Aero.
We are working diligently to provide quality products and to strengthen Sikorsky's confidence in CPI Aero as a premier subcontractor of aircraft structure and as a long term partner in their success.
Northrop sent 11 recruiters to the Aero Tech campus for the three day interviewing session.
PWR has chosen Volvo Aero for its extensive experience in development and manufacturing of rocket nozzles.
Fred, President and Chief Executive Officer of CPI Aero, stated, "We are extremely pleased to have Mr.