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An aircraft, especially a balloon or dirigible, deriving its lift from the buoyancy of surrounding air rather than from aerodynamic motion.

[French aérostat : Greek āero-, aero-; see aero- + Greek statos, standing; see stato-.]

aer′o·stat′ic, aer′o·stat′i·cal adj.


(Aeronautics) a lighter-than-air craft, such as a balloon
[C18: from French aérostat, from aero- + Greek -statos standing]
ˌaeroˈstatic, ˌaeroˈstatical adj


(ˈɛər əˌstæt)

any lighter-than-air aircraft, as a balloon or dirigible.
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First Auguste Piccard flew in an aerostatic balloon, and Jean Felix soon followed him.
After making several geographical discoveries on the coastline, Scott rose to a height of 656 ft (200 m) in an aerostatic balloon and saw the immense icy wasteland to the south.
The big problem with security is there is a lot of technology that isn't proven in crime prevention but (municipal governments) buy them just the same," she said, citing aerostatic balloons and drones for aerial vigilance.