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An aircraft, especially a balloon or dirigible, deriving its lift from the buoyancy of surrounding air rather than from aerodynamic motion.

[French aérostat : Greek āero-, aero-; see aero- + Greek statos, standing; see stato-.]

aer′o·stat′ic, aer′o·stat′i·cal adj.


(Aeronautics) a lighter-than-air craft, such as a balloon
[C18: from French aérostat, from aero- + Greek -statos standing]
ˌaeroˈstatic, ˌaeroˈstatical adj


(ˈɛər əˌstæt)

any lighter-than-air aircraft, as a balloon or dirigible.
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These were all absolutely gas tight and filled with hydrogen, and the entire aerostat was kept at any level by means of a long internal balloonette of oiled and toughened silk canvas, into which air could be forced and from which it could be pumped.
5-8am; 11am-1 pm and 4-7 pm: Aerostats Hot Air Balloons AX
Drone Aviation Holding develops and manufactures cost-effective, compact and rapidly deployable aerial platforms including lighter-than-air aerostats and electric-powered drones designed to provide government and commercial customers with enhanced surveillance and communication capabilities.
Several vendors such as Aeros, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon responded to urgent needs for aerostats with surveillance capabilities in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The system is designed to be installed onboard advanced unmanned aerial platforms such as IAI's Heron-1 and Heron TP UAVs, as well as aerostats and manned platforms, able to perform strategic missions.
NORAD hopes the tethered large balloons, also called aerostats, will double the level of existing ground radar detection, reported (http://edition.
Aerostats occupy a sweet spot, providing a less mobile but far more persistent surveillance than aeroplanes and drones.
The deal includes warplanes, armored vehicles, and surveillance aerostats and is valued at $790 million.
They include aerostats, large, tethered balloons with infrared cameras that can scan the landscape around the clock.
World Surveillance Group designs, develops, markets and sells autonomous, lighter-than-air advanced aerostats and UAS capable of carrying payloads that provide persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, security and/or wireless communications solutions at low and mid altitudes.
Provider of mobile voice and data communications services Global Telesat Corp (GTC), a wholly owned subsidiary of World Surveillance Group Inc (OTCQB: WSGI), a developer of lighter-than-air aerostats and unmanned aerial systems, announced on Wednesday the award of a follow-on multi-year order to provide additional satellite-based tracking and mapping services for the US' premier emergency response organisation.
Aerostats are large fabric envelopes filled with helium.