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The last passenger plane crash on the island occurred in March 2002, when a Sovietmade Aerotaxi biplane carrying 16 people plunged into a reservoir in central Cuba.
In this case the aeroacoustic studies were made on Aerotaxi model.
Embraer Bandeirante operated by Brazil's Manaus Aerotaxi crashed in the Manacapuru River Saturday while on its way to the Amazon city of Coari, killing both pilots and 22 of the 26 passengers onboard.
Un dia estabamos como 60 muchachos, cuando se estrello esa avioneta, corrimos 3 horas al trote, llegamos donde estaba la avioneta accidentada cuando venia un helicoptero con dos militares, cuando llegaron ahi le gritamos alto y ellos no aceptaron se hizo unos tiros y aparecieron muertos, cogimos los pilotos de la empresa de Aerotaxi, los retuvimos como secuestrados (13) y la empresa nos pago $200.
On March 19, six men hijacked a Cuban Aerotaxi DC-3 from Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud.
As witnesses described seeing one of the plane's wings shear off he revealed how an identical plane from the Cuban state-run Aerotaxi fleet was "cannabilised" for parts for the fated aircraft.
Witnesses said the aircraft, belonging to local charter firm Aerotaxi, appeared to be in difficulties as it flew over.
Reports from the area said the plane, an Antonov AN-2 operated by the state airline Aerotaxi, went down on Thursday near the city of Santa Clara, 160 miles east of thecapital Havana.
According to eyewitnesses on the ground, the Russian built single-engine bi-plane, operated by state carrier Aerotaxi, flew very low and appeared to be missing a wing before it plummeted into the shallow water.
Reports from the area said the Britons were among 17 people killed when the AN-2 plane, operated by Cuban airline Aerotaxi, went down at 4.
Irritado por el contratiempo, el conde se dirigio a una compania aerea privada para fletar un aerotaxi.