Ethelred the Unready

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Noun1.Ethelred the Unready - king of the English who succeeded to the throne after his half-brother Edward the Martyr was murdered; he struggled unsuccessfully against the invading Danes (969-1016)
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Compared to Edmund, even AEthelred the Unready looks like Winston Churchill.
It seems that Byrhtferth of Ramsey, sometime pupil of Abbo of Fleury, was unique in the England of AEthelred the Unready, 'the one Anglo-Saxon scholar of his time who was in any sense au fait with the learning of contemporary continental schools', as witnessed by his use of the De computo of Hrabanus Maurus, whom he refers to by name in ii.
Simon Keynes suggests that perceptions of unusual lawlessness in the reign of AEthelred the Unready may be misconceived; earlier tenth-century kings seem to have had similar problems, which arose from deficiencies in the legal system rather than personal royal failings, and it may be the case that a change in the source material gives an unfair impression.