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 (ē-tō′lē-ə, -tōl′yə)
An ancient region of central Greece north of the gulfs of Corinth and Patras. In the fourth century bc it formed the Aetolian League, a military confederation that rivaled Achaea and Macedon before falling under Roman domination in the second century.

Ae·to′li·an adj. & n.


(Placename) a mountainous region forming (with the region of Acarnania) a department of W central Greece, north of the Gulf of Patras: a powerful federal state in the 3rd century bc. Chief city: Missolonghi. Pop (with Acarnania): 219 092 (2001). Area: 5461 sq km (2108 sq miles)


(iˈtoʊ li ə)

a region in W central Greece.
Ae•to′li•an, adj., n.
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For my own part I have never cared about asking anyone else since the time when I was taken in by an Aetolian, who had killed a man and come a long way till at last he reached my station, and I was very kind to him.
The Achaeans and Aetolians were kept friendly by them, the kingdom of Macedonia was humbled, Antiochus was driven out; yet the merits of the Achaeans and Aetolians never secured for them permission to increase their power, nor did the persuasions of Philip ever induce the Romans to be his friends without first humbling him, nor did the influence of Antiochus make them agree that he should retain any lordship over the country.
Again, as Titus Livius noteth, in the case of Antiochus and the AEtolians, There are sometimes great effects, of cross lies; as if a man, that negotiates between two princes, to draw them to join in a war against the third, doth extol the forces of either of them, above measure, the one to the other: and sometimes he that deals between man and man, raiseth his own credit with both, by pretending greater interest than he hath in either.
The Achaeans, though weakenened by internal dissensions and by the revolt of Messene, one of its members, being joined by the AEtolians and Athenians, erected the standard of opposition.
Thoas, son of Andraemon, commanded the Aetolians, who dwelt in Pleuron, Olenus, Pylene, Chalcis by the sea, and rocky Calydon, for the great king Oeneus had now no sons living, and was himself dead, as was also golden-haired Meleager, who had been set over the Aetolians to be their king.
Rzepka among others analyses extensively the functioning of the institutions of one of the most advanced ancient Greek federations, the Aetolian one4 while Caspari analyses the system of monetary circulation in the eighteen Greek proto-federations of the so-called Hellenistic era (4th to 2nd century BC).
Homer's Locrian Ajax, who watches the race and thinks victory will go to Eumelus (who actually comes in last), gets upset with what his companion Idomeneus' eyes identify: the impending victory of the Aetolian born Diomedes.
It is the great merit of Max Boot's study of guerrilla war that he stresses the venerable history of this style of fighting, starting with Thucydides's account of how the Aetolian highlanders used their maneuverability and knowledge of the local terrain to defeat the hoplites of Athens in 426 BC.
Indeed, the recurrence of the same public benefits and needs has revived the form of the Aetolian and Achaean leagues.
So when he is going to the fields and takes his dogs, his asses laden with Aetolian nets, get up, lay aside your melancholy, unsocial Muse and earn your food by work as strenuous as his.
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