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n. pl. Oromo or O·ro·mos
1. A member of a people of southern and central Ethiopia and northern Kenya.
2. The Cushitic language of the Oromo.


(ɔˈroʊ moʊ)

n., pl. -mos, (esp. collectively) -mo.
1. a member of an African people or group of peoples of central and S Ethiopia and N Kenya.
2. the Cushitic language of the Oromo.
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The new softer runs in Amharic, Afan Oromo, Tigrigna and English languages, Mehari said, including it will likewise be developed in more 10 languages.
As a result of the pressure from the Oromo people in general and the OLF in particular, the regime opened a one hour TV program for Afan Oromo as a gesture of attempting to restore freedom and justice for the suppressed Oromo nation.