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n.1.The southwest wind.
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These changes in the Heav'ns, though slow, produc'd Like change on Sea and Land, sideral blast, Vapour, and Mist, and Exhalation hot, Corrupt and Pestilent: Now from the North Of NORUMBEGA, and the SAMOED shoar Bursting thir brazen Dungeon, armd with ice And snow and haile and stormie gust and flaw, BOREAS and CAECIAS and ARGESTES loud And THRASCIAS rend the Woods and Seas upturn; With adverse blast up-turns them from the South NOTUS and AFER black with thundrous Clouds From SERRALIONA; thwart of these as fierce Forth rush the LEVANT and the PONENT VVindes EURUS and ZEPHIR with thir lateral noise, SIROCCO, and LIBECCHIO.
AFER remains one of the most competitive savings product in
Di Canio was charged by the FA afer being sent to the stands by referee Martin Atkinson in the closing stages of Sunderland's 3-1 defeat against Arsenal at the weekend, with the Italian punished for protesting against the Gunners' timewasting in injury-time.
This case, like our challenge to Proposition 8, is about two things: marriage and equality," said AFER attorney Theodore J.
15) afer coming out of retirement at the age of nine and rejoining Jim Boyle.
Afer the punishing hike Paul said: "We've had lots of support and we hope the total will be in the thousands of pounds.
Kind hearted workers at Co-op Funeralcare stepped in to help afer the trip was in doubt because the club could not raise enough cash to pay for transport for the 58 children.
He was singled out for the award afer he stormed two Iraqi gun positions single-handed in order to protect his men.
HEALTH chiefs yesterday came under fire from the family of an elderly woman who died afer being turned away from a new hospital because there were no spare beds.
Afer Dundee United manager Alex Smith signed a new three year contract this week, he was keen to add Stephen Glass to the week's work - but he's off to Bolton.
2--color) At far left, playing the 16th hole Woods hits afer landing in the lake with the previous shot.