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a.1.Goīng before; foregoing.
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Also Resolved that the Hon'ble Council shall be and hereby are Impowered to call the General Court together at any time sooner than the time to which said Court shall stand adjourned, if they judge it necessary for the publick safety The aforegoing powers to Continue in the Council until the next Setting of the General Court and no longer.
old-fashioned participles (aforementioned, aforesaid, aforegoing, foregoing, etc.
In view of the aforegoing, the overwhelming purchase of globalisation, evident among other things in the compression of time and space, illustrates how the distance of Western economic powers does not reduce their influence on the postcolonial states.
Gower then (in 649-70) generalizes from the whole sequence, but, to maintain connection of the consequent general to aforegoing particulars, keeps the same anaphoric phrase, "Hec erat illa dies":
The aforegoing rather cold-blooded statements must not lead an officer to ignore the possibility of a woman-agent genuinely falling in love with an opponent.