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Noun1.Aframomum - an African genus of plants of the family Zingiberaceae
plant genus - a genus of plants
family Zingiberaceae, ginger family, Zingiberaceae - a family of tropical monocotyledonous plants of order Musales
Aframomum melegueta, grains of paradise, Guinea grains, Guinea pepper, melagueta pepper - West African plant bearing pungent peppery seeds
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An open claim of the use of Aframomum for centuries by some groups in Africa should have been enough for the patent application to be denied Biotech, but here, the complicity of the Western based intellectual property regulatory mechanisms are made manifest.
These included Vitex doniana, Aframomum angustifolium, Bridelia scleroneura, Ficus sur and Ficus sycomorus.
Not rated 110 Amaralia sherbourniae Not rated 111 Virectaria major Not rated 112 Morinda lucida Not rated 113 Fagara lemairei Not rated 114 Chytranthus cameus Not rated 115 Pancovia harmsiana Not rated 116 Chrysophyllum lacourtianum Not rated 117 Chrysophyllum perpulchrum Not rated 118 Chrysophyllum africanum Not rated 119 Chrysophyllum laurentii Not rated 120 Tridesmostemon claessensi Not rated 121 Sterculia tracantha Not rated 122 Desplatsia dewevrei Not rated 123 Celtis sp Not rated 124 Aframomum sp Not rated 125 Microcos Not rated 126 Gabunia Not rated 127 Chomelia Not rated 128 Banksia Not rated 129 Landolphia jumellei Not rated 130 Tetrorchidium Not rated 131 Phrynium confertum Not rated 132 Mannyphytum africanum Not rated Table 1.