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Any of numerous tropical and subtropical chiefly freshwater fishes of the family Cichlidae, which includes the tilapias and many species that are popular as aquarium fish.

[From New Latin Cichla, type genus, from Greek kikhlē, a kind of fish; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]

cich′lid adj.


(Animals) any tropical freshwater percoid fish of the family Cichlidae, which includes the mouthbrooders. Cichlids are popular aquarium fishes
(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Cichlidae
[C19: from New Latin Cichlidae, ultimately from Greek kikhlē a sea fish]
ˈcichloid adj


(ˈsɪk lɪd)

any freshwater fish of the family Cichlidae of South America, Africa, and S Asia, superficially resembling the American sunfishes and popular in home aquariums.
[1880–85; < New Latin Cichlidae <Cichl(a) a genus (< Greek kíchlē thrush, wrasse)]
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Noun1.cichlid - freshwater fishes of tropical America and Africa and Asia similar to American sunfishescichlid - freshwater fishes of tropical America and Africa and Asia similar to American sunfishes; some are food fishes; many small ones are popular in aquariums
percoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformes
bolti, Tilapia nilotica - important food fish of the Nile and other rivers of Africa and Asia Minor
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Nile tilapia is mostly an African Cichlid native to Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Cole d'Ivoire, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leon, Sudan, Togo, and Uganda.
Genetic Divergence, Speciation and Morphological Stasis in a lineage of African Cichlid Fishes.
The work may shed light on other cases in which species form and stay separate while sharing space, such as in African cichlid fish.
Electric yellow labido they're called, Labidochromis caeruleus to give them their proper name - they're a type of African cichlid.
Growing up in Panama, where his parents were in the US military, he became used to seeing anacondas sliding past and exotic birds flying overhead Since then Haynes has become a modern day Dr Dolittle and at one point had 12 turtles, two tortoises, a boa constrictor plus 14 African cichlid fish he kept in a huge tank.
1993 Phylogenetic Relationships and Evolutionary Processes in East African Cichlid Fishes.
Distance-to-cover and the escape decisions of an African cichlid fish, Melanochromis chipokae.
Most of the systems involve the production of tilapia, a tropical African cichlid cultured all over the world in ponds and intensive aquaculture operations.

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