African teak

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a tree (Oldfieldia Africana) of Sierra Leone; also, its very heavy and durable wood; - called also African oak.

See also: Teak

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He eschews particle board in favour of working with walnut, ash, white oak, cherry and his favourite, iroko, or African teak.
He added: "We receive high quality timber that you just can't buy anymore - woods such as African Teak, which is one of the world's most valued timber species, and Brazilian Mahogany from the Amazon Rainforest.
Greenpeace Africa recently denounced the unloading at the Belgian port of Antwerp of a cargo of Afromosia (pericopsis elata), or African teak, which is another rare hardwood.
On the other hand, African Teak Wood called Iroko has been priced at $1,100 per CBM.
Love Lane Mews residents will be welcomed through an inviting lobby with African teak paneling, original exposed brick walls, Koala honed marble floors, and attended by a 24-hour concierge.
The co-owners say furniture is made from African teak and they've used bright cobalt blue upholstery to add a light and, yes, Mediterranean feel to the place.
While the tree is not related to the "true" teak, Tectona grandis, it has sometimes been called African teak or Nigerian teak.
The correct names for Afrormosia are: AFrican teak, red-bark, devil's tree, bonsamdua, kokrodua, assamela, mohole, ayin, egbi and ejen.
Afrormosia closely resembles teak and is so often used as a teak substitute that it is sometimes referred to as African teak.
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