black nationalism

(redirected from African-American nationalism)

Black Nationalist

A member of a group of militant black people who urge separatism from white people and the establishment of self-governing black communities.

Black Nationalism n.

black′ na′tionalism

(often caps.)
a social and political movement advocating the separation of blacks and whites and self-government for black people.
black′ na′tionalist, n.
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More specifically, we discuss how Chinese nationalism in the early twentieth century transitioned from its basis in Confucian philosophy to culturalism, nationalism, and international socialism and then intersected with the parallel emergence of a modern African-American nationalism.
Both Lee and Haley ignore the long history of African-American nationalism in the USA, preferring to see Malcolm as a "reaction" to white racism and prejudice, rather than as a product of a long and rich protest tradition.
He was committed to the removal of racial separatism, although he at times embraced a sense of African-American nationalism as a necessary first step.
He took an astronomy class on the nature of the universe, a political theory class on anarchy and the Federalist Papers, and a history class on African-American nationalism.

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