n.1.A glow of refulgence in the western sky after sunset.
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So there I am bathing in the soft after-glow in some girl's tent when, all of a sudden, I hear 'Whack
Back in mid-August, when Tsipras called the snap election that will be held this Sunday, he was still basking in the after-glow of the defiant 'No' that Greek voters gave to austerity in his July referendum, and the opinion polls gave his Syriza party 42 percent support.
After completing the route entrants returned to Square One for our After-Glow party which featured a disco and live music.
The stunning result left fans basking in its after-glow yesterday, with many now saying they hold renewed optimism for the remainder of their debut Premier League season.
HUDDERSFIELD'S Sellers International tennis tournament is still basking in the after-glow of Andy Murray's win at Wimbledon.
It might be hard to remember in the after-glow of the Six Nations triumph, but Australia defeated Wales six times in the 14 months prior.
By rights the Everton midfielder should be basking in a match-winning after-glow following a master-class which left Fulham's defenders bruised, battered and bewildered.
IF YOU were sitting there thinking that racing was an integral element of the Irish sporting psyche, wallowing in the after-glow of Minister Simon Coveney's keynote speech at the HRI Awards last Monday, then the RTE Sports Awards show on Sunday evening was a bit of a wake-up call.
After their turbulent start to the season, Van Persie wants Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to strengthen the team rather than allow them to bask in the after-glow of an impressive win against Udinese which booked their pla1ce in yesterday's group stage draw.
Those who, in the firing, have had all of the bits of them burnt off, are left with a weird after-glow.
based on the weight of the polyol component, of expanded graphite, optionally, in the presence of at least one of carbon dioxide, surfactants, flame retardants other than expanded graphite, crosslinking agents, pigments and catalysts, wherein the rigid polyurethane foam with a density of about 10 pcf to about 25 pcf has a heat sag measured at 102 mm overhang at 121[degrees]C and one hour of less than about 5 mm and an average after-glow time of less than about 35 seconds.