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a.1.(Physiol.) Without ganglia.
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In Hirschsprung's disease, aganglionic bowel has been suggested as the cause of obstruction.
Myenteric ICCs were found to be markedly reduced not only in the aganglionic segment, but also in the transitional zone and ganglionic part of HD bowel.
Furthermore, goblet cells of Ednrb−/− mice showed differences in both aganglionic and ganglionic segments.
Most patients will also have evidence of hypertrophied nerve trunks, although this finding is not always present, particularly in children with total colonic disease or a short aganglionic segment.
In addition, this approach can be performed in patients that aganglionic segment is located more proximal than the sigmoid.
Patients are classified as having short-segment HD when the aganglionic segment does not extend beyond the upper sigmoid, and long segment HD when the aganglionic segment extends proximal to the sigmoid colon.
Given the favorable evolution of the acute episode and the patient's age and status, the surgical intervention was temporized, with assuring a proper prevention of complications and providing daily colon washout (Figure 2) at home until 8 months of age, when a laparoscopic assisted transanal pull-through (LATEP) with removal of the aganglionic colon segment and coloanal anastomosis using normally innervated colon was performed (Figures 3-6).
To examine the impact of calretinin on reducing the number of histologic levels, a study needs to begin with adequate aganglionic RSBs that integrate calretinin IHC before exhausting the block.
A lack of intestinal pacemaker (c-kit) in aganglionic bowel of patients with Hirschsprung's disease.
This bowel immaturity distinguishes it from Hirschsprung's disease, an aganglionic disorder of the distal bowel, which has the same clinical and radiographic findings (Diament, 2005).
If further testing is required, an unprepped barium enema is helpful for evaluating anatomy and may identify the aganglionic segment that is seen in Hirschsprung's disease.