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 (ä′zhə-nā′) or Ag·e·nois (-nwä′)
A historical region of southwest France. Ruled by England at various times during the Hundred Years' War, it finally passed to France after 1453.
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The 29-year-old was a 67thminute replacement for Les Agenais during their 32-26 home win over Grenoble - a result which lifted them from the foot of the table after a previously win-less start to the campaign.
Should the move go through then Goosen will join fellow Falcons loanee Euan Murray at the Stade Armandie, although Les Agenais have an almighty struggle on their hands with the club second-bottom in the Top 14 standings.
The best prunes come from Agen, in Agenais, which is also Armagnac country.
Heresy in Medieval France: Dualism in Aquitaine and the Agenais, 10001249.
He focuses on three regions: Bordeaux and the Bordelais, Agen and the Agenais, and Toulouse and its environs--all hotbeds of Catholic activism and the only sizable urban centers that resisted reform movements of the period.
Gregory Hanlon's excellent empirical study of seventeenth-century Catholic and Protestant religious behavior in the Agenais has not been emulated for the French Atlantic littoral.
The best prunes come from Agen, or the district around known as the Agenais in France.
Provision of road materials for maintenance of local roads in the territory of the Community of Municipalities of the Country houses in Perigord Haut Agenais for the period 2016-2018.
Contract notice: Underwriting of insurance covers the cdc houses in haut agenais.
Contractor address : Agence Quercy Agenais [beaucoup moins que]les Empeaux[beaucoup plus grand que]

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