Base course

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(Arch.) The first or lower course of a foundation wall, made of large stones or a mass of concrete; - called also foundation course. (b) The architectural member forming the transition between the basement and the wall above.

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The contract involves the trenching, widening, placing of aggregate base course and concrete pavement, median barrier construction and lighting improvements.
Part of the road includes demolition of the existing surface and substructure of the road with sidewalks, execution of ground stabilization with cement, crushed aggregate base course, the foundation of mineral-bituminous binder layer of asphalt concrete, pavement with SMA mix, building curbs and concrete edges, and execution of sidewalks, descents and bike path, and execution of horizontal and vertical markings.
It can be used as an aggregate base course material as well as incorporated into new concrete.
The contract is for the execution of construction works consisting in: felling of trees and shrubs, earthworks, demolition works, execution of culverts, the foundation of soil stabilized with cement with addition of ion exchange of aggregate base course, bituminous base course, performed curbs, edging, sidewalks, paving with concrete AC16W asphalt, SMA11S, performed by roadsides and exits reclaimed, marking the horizontal and vertical directions.
The project includes pavement reconstruction of Old Haleakala Highway from Aeloa Road to Kula Highway with asphalt concrete, asphalt treated base and aggregate base course pavement section.