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n.1.Agnus Dei.
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And as in beauty she surpass'd the choir, So nobler than the rest was her attire; A crown of ruddy gold enclosed her brow, Plain without pomp, and rich without a show; A branch of Agnus Castus in her hand, She bore aloft her symbol of command.
I've been taking agnus castus and vitamin B supplements daily for the past two months, which seems to have helped.
While the Gloria and Credo are outgoing, they are balanced by the lyrical and beautiful Sanctus, Benedictus, and Agnus Dei.
This is also in agreement with the close recommendation of the Agnus castus monograph provided by the European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy (E/S/C/O/P 2003) and the Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products of the European Medicine Agency (HMPC 2010).
Agnus castus helps to normalise the function of the pituitary gland, which controls and balances the hormones in our body.
Agnus is by In The Wings, who brings in Sadler's Wells to the bottom half of the pedigree, along with High Hawk, a daughter of Shirley Heights and the superb tap-root mare Sunbittern.
For this beauty campaign, Frutarom will present the marine extract, Collactive, a green tea extract (EFLA 942), LinumLife flax lignans, SoyLife soy isoflavones and extracts of Superberry 6000, birch leaf and Agnus castus.
The herb Vitex agnus castus may also prevent bone loss in men, according to a December 2008 German study.
Annabel, aged 41, also credits homeopathy for regulating her menstrual cycle, as she takes agnus castus daily to balance her hormones in preparation for the menopause.
And when this large chorus was required to sing quietly, it did: the Agnus Dei was especially moving.
Agnus Castus (Chastberry) extract, which is available from health food shops, has been shown to lessen the psychological symptoms for some women.
Barber wrote a choral adaptation of the adagio in 1967 in which he set the words of the Mass' Agnus Dei.