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Noun1.Agonidae - poachers
fish family - any of various families of fish
order Scleroparei, Scleroparei - scorpionfishes; sculpins; gurnards; greenlings; flying gurnards
sea poacher, sea poker, poacher - small slender fish (to 8 inches) with body covered by bony plates; chiefly of deeper northern Pacific waters
Agonus, genus Agonus - type genus of the Agonidae
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The families Cottidae (possibly not monophyletic; Smith & Wheeler 2004), Cyclopteridae, Liparidae, Psychrolutidae and Agonidae (also possibly not monophyletic), among others, are included within the suborder Cottoidei.
Our study identified 34 fish prey to species, one sculpin to genus, Hemilephidotus, and two that could only be identified to family; Gasterosteidae (sticklebacks), and Agonidae (poachers).