n.1.An officer who presided over the great public games in Greece.
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As agonothete for that festival he appointed lampadarchs and judges and provided prizes for each contest.
He then consolidated his position with Phocion's assistance and apparently acted as unofficial agonothete, subsidising at least one of the Athenian festivals at his own expense.
In the Greek East, for example, the giving of games was often a liturgy separate from that of the priesthood, and was the job of a different official, the agonothete.
Her own (hypothetical) preference was for Cassianus Bassos of unknown deme, ephebic strategos, systremmatarch, agonothete of the Hadrianeia and Severeia between 196/7 and 201 (IG [II.
Segundo o epigrafista frances, essas moedas poderiam tratar-se de emissoes civicas emitidas pela Confederacao de Atena Ilias, e seria o presidente dos agonothetes que teria feito inscrever o seu nome sobre as emissoes.
Bonum agonem subituri estis in quo agonothetes Deus vivus est, xystarches Spiritus Sanctus.
76) The two appear to have had some relationship with each other since it is known that the same agonothetes presided over both festivals, and the Isthmian Games (trieteric) preceded the Caesarea (pentaeteric).
744) honored and set up as an example for public emulation (46-48) a local benefactor who provided "spectacle and entertainment and merriment for the soul" ([LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 25) in the course of the many public dinners, feasts, and sacrifices that he financed at his own expense as an agonothetes.