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Noun1.Agonus - type genus of the AgonidaeAgonus - type genus of the Agonidae    
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Agonus cataphractus, armed bullhead, pogge - northern Atlantic sea poacher
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Lifting behavior may be rare among the Agonidae and is possibly limited to the genus Hypsagonus, since long-term personal observations of captive agonids in eight other genera (Agonopsis, Ocella, Odontopyxis, Bothragonus, Xeneretmus, Agonus, Pallasina, and Anaplagonus) have not revealed any similar behaviors.
Pterostichus agonus, on the other hand, has been found at numerous coastal sites but not at Barrow, suggesting that its natural limit occurs at the modern co0ast and that the seemingly trivial climatic differences between Barrow and Kaktovik (Barter Island; Fig.