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The application of ecology to agriculture, as in the conservation of soil and water resources, the minimization of pollution, and the use of natural fertilizers and pesticides.

ag′ro·ec′o·log′i·cal (-ĕk′ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl, -ē′kə-) adj.
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Weeds and arthropods interact more frequently in the agroecosystem.
In this study, we evaluated experimentally the effect of the presence of cover crops on the damage caused to vineyards by rabbits in a semi-arid agroecosystem in southern Spain.
Stephen Gliessman refers to agro ecology as the integration of the broader ecology into the agricultural process to create an agroecosystem.
Knoth K (2004) Fate of organic C and N in long-term agroecosystem experiments using [sup.
Even though their effect is unknown in the agroecosystem, they are important mortality factors on the pest species considered in this study, as well as on other phytophagous insects that rarely attain pest status.
An animal-based agroecosystem that is still widely practiced in the northern United States and Canada is:
Spatial variability of soil salinity at different scales in the mangrove rice agroecosystem in West Africa".
Agroecosystem sustainability is as much a process as it is a goal.
Agricultural intensification, soil biodiversity and agroecosystem function.
The relative impact of birds and arthropods in the coffee agroecosystem
Monitoring of radionuclide content in agroecosystem components, agricultural production and ichthyofauna, Meteorological regime observations and calculations of meteorological parameters of the site of the Belarusian NPP, monitoring of the content of radionuclides of tritium and carbon-14 in surface atmospheric air.