Agropyron cristatum

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Noun1.Agropyron cristatum - Eurasian grass grown in United States great plains area for forage and erosion controlAgropyron cristatum - Eurasian grass grown in United States great plains area for forage and erosion control
wheatgrass, wheat-grass - a grass of the genus Agropyron
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Suppression of annual Bromus tectorum by perennial Agropyron cristatum Roles of soil nitrogen availability and biological soil space.
Floristically these communities contain a number of Pontic and Pontic-Pannonian elements such as Agropyron cristatum subsp.
Planta Papel en fitoremediacion Agropyron cristatum Remediacion de compuestos organicos como PCP (fenilciclohexilpiperidina) y PAH (Polihidroxialcanoatos) Alyssum spp.
Large-scale wildfires have converted much sagebrush steppe into grasslands dominated by invasive cheatgrass Bromus tectorum and planted exotic crested wheatgrass Agropyron cristatum.
2007) for example, in a cloud forest to the southwest of the Bogota Sabana in Colombia, obtained 60% decomposition after 365 days of experimenting with an initial 10 g of Agropyron cristatum, just 10% less than what was obtained in this research in only 45 days.
Agropyron cristatum was uncommon in successional prairie and absent from undisturbed prairie [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
Native grasses include bluebunch wheatgrass Pseudoroegneria spicata and Idaho fescue Festuca idahoensis, and introduced grasses, such as smooth brome Bromus inermis and crested wheat grass Agropyron cristatum, persist in the former agricultural fields.
Photosynthetic carbon uptake increased in higher ploidal levels on a leaf area basis, such as in Agropyron cristatum (Frank, 1980), Festuca arundinacea (Joseph et al.
The species in winter pasture were: Carex qinghaiensis, Stipa crylovii, Achnatherum inebrians, Pedicularis alaschanica, Heteropappus altaicus, Stellera chamaejasme, Saussurea semifasciata, Artemisia frigida, Agropyron cristatum.
Hybrids between Agropyron desertorum and induced-tetraploid Agropyron cristatum.