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abbreviation for
1. agent
2. agreement


or agt.,

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AGT is uniquely positioned as an agri-food company to utilize the Fibreco port facility and we look forward to working with the team at Fibreco through the term of this agreement to capitalize on opportunities for our further growth.
The AGT technology aims to promote local technology as a sustainable mass transport alternative to address the highly-problematic vehicular traffic congestion and pollution, especially in urban areas," the DOST said.
Although the AGT grand prize went to fellow Filipinos of the shadow play group El Gamma Penumbra, JNS did not feel defeated.
AGT is a processor of value-added pulses, staple foods and ingredients for export and domestic markets as well as a supplier of retail packaged and canned foods to retail and food service sectors.
Meanwhile, Najwa assured contestants that the AGT stage is a turning point in their lives and a shortcut to fame.
AGT showcased lighting designs from Al Yousuf DIB and LPA from Japan.
LG Electronics is among the leading global brands that AGT is associated with, bringing its high-quality innovative lighting and electrical range to the customers.
AGT provides building and home automation solutions, from designing and installation to after-sale service, with an emphasis on optimising energy use.
The service would offer tailor-made solutions to clients on the wide-range of energy efficient products from globally renowned brands offered by AGT, said the company in a statement.
AGT senior consultant, Peter Doyle, explained how AGT will offset the expedition's carbon dioxide emissions.
Charles Stephenson, CEO of AGT, now into its second year of working with Lotus F1 Team to help it reach carbon neutrality, says: “We're proud to be working with this team, which excelling in terms of performance as well as making great efforts to negate the environmental effect of the huge global logistical team operation now underway for this year's World Championship.
AGT specializes in the trading of voluntary emissions reductions (VERs) in the over-the-counter green market, an ideal market for the region.