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Any of various strong distilled alcoholic drinks, as:
a. a liquor made in Latin America from sugarcane, often flavored with anise.
b. a brandy made in Spain and Portugal from the pomace of grapes.

[Spanish : agua, water (from Latin aqua; see akw-ā- in Indo-European roots) + ardiente, hot, scalding, blazing (from Old Spanish, from Latin ārdēns, ārdent-, present participle of ārdēre, to burn; see as- in Indo-European roots).]


(Brewing) any inferior brandy or similar spirit, esp from Spain, Portugal, or South America
[C19: literally: burning water]
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Also present are Narciso Nanclares, Nevardo Nevado, and Nayro Nunez, bodies that nobody said good-bye to at La Ultima Lagrima, the stall at the outskirts of the cemetery where the bereaved drop off the coffin, have the deceased's favorite songs played for two hundred pesos, and drink a double aguardiente for his eternal rest.
Alguno he conocido que desde la manana hasta la tarde estaba enviando por aguardiente.
By the beginning of the Independence period, the main export market for the aguardiente had shifted from Seville to New Orleans--thus reinforcing the circum-Caribbean connections.
The food was paired with fine wines from Matarromera, Les Jamelles and Domaines Rollan , along with cocktails by Aguardiente Real 1493 and Ron Medellin .
Most people are drinking either rum or aguardiente, the anise-flavored national liquor,.
It is similar to several kinds of alcoholic beverages available around the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Colombia, including pastis, ouzo, sambuca, arak, anise castellano and aguardiente.
3]s decision to cater its party with 5-liter water jugs that had been emptied and filled with aguardiente, which was administered to all party attendees from the same plastic cup.
Women and their men drank aguardiente in tumblers and their men walked into peoples' houses and slashed whoever came to the door with a quick machete.
On a recent evening at Ilarco in Bogota, Colombia, bartender German Delgado said some customers have switched from beer to aguardiente, a less-expensive local spirit.
Blended into the creamed spinach that's served with the fritters along with seaweed "caviar" and truffle aioli, the aguardiente has " a nice licorice kick," says Landau.
For decades Peru and Chile have been at odds over who has the right to use the name "pisco" for their aguardiente (firewater).
Using a variety of methods, the studies concentrate on San Salvador, church financiers in Guatemala City, city government, trade, the Quetzaltenango Aguardiente monopoly, the Atlantic Coast, the regulation of sexual mores in Costa Rica, Jose de Bustamente, and social elites.