agua fresca

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a·gua fres·ca

 (ä′gwə frĕs′kə)
n. pl. aguas frescas
A drink of Mexican origin made with puréed fruit, water, and sugar.

[Spanish : agua, water (from Latin aqua; see akw-ā- in Indo-European roots) + fresca, feminine of fresco, cool, fresh (of Germanic origin).]
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Their product portfolio includes brands such as Hershey's Freeze, Jolly Rancher Slush, Pure Craft Beverages, El Nino Aguas Frescas and Original Slushie Company.
The lively Madinat Jumeirah hot spot lays on a colourful buffet with ceviches, sopas, tacos, antojera, aguas frescas and a range of desserts - plus a live Mariachi band on September 15.
Don Jorge Torres es un pequeno comerciante en un mercado de Tapachula, vende aguas frescas, horchata y tamarindo, y cuando esta a buen precio tambien agua de coco.
Un apartado importante se dedica al analisis de la mencion en las laminillas orficas de la laguna de aguas frescas que apaga la sed del difunto y le permite alcanzar el destino especial que le esta reservado al iniciado.
The authors take readers on a boozy journey with pit stops for aguas frescas, cervezas, micheladas and sangritas.
Maribel Gonzales - Small business owner interested in starting an Aguas Frescas Juice Truck.
Several factors have contributed to the popularity of nectars, fruit juices, flavored waters known as aguas frescas, and energy and carbonated beverages in flavors traditionally considered the purview of Mexico and Latin American countries.
Needless to say, that place ruled--and it was right by the Plaza del Mariachi's handful of spots, with torta ahogada stations, fresh fruit, and aguas frescas stands within a few blocks.
Por desgracia, los refrescos desplazaron desde hace tiempo a las aguas frescas tipicas mexicanas, que eran a base de frutas y tenian un gran valor nutricional.
Snapple Tea Will Be Loved, a "five-fruit mash-up;" Nestle Aguas Frescas based on traditional Hispanic beverages and Honest Tea zero-calorie lemonade have been rolled out over the past few months.
In addition, an in-store deli, or cocina, offers such traditional favorites as tacos, tortas, aguas frescas, sopas and carnitas.