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 (ə-gŭl′əs), Cape
A rugged headland of South Africa, the southernmost point of Africa. Its meridian, longitude 20° east, marks the division between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.


(Placename) Cape Agulhas a headland in South Africa, the southernmost point of the African continent


(əˈgʌl əs)

Cape, the southernmost point of Africa.
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His mightiness was sometimes very overwhelming; but even when you had to defy him openly, as on the banks of the Agulhas homeward bound from the East Indies, or on the outward passage round the Horn, he struck at you fairly his stinging blows (full in the face, too), and it was your business not to get too much staggered.
The last-mentioned two regions are affected by the warmer Agulhas current, while the first one is kept cool through action of the cold Benguela current (Allanson & Baird 2008).
The cold front, does however, push along a trough (low pressure band), again reaching all the way from Angola to Agulhas.
The Prince was boarding HMS Belfast in London to cross over to the SA Agulhas, where he met Sir Ranulph Fiennes to wish him well on his latest Antarctic exhibition.
In addition, scientists on board its ice-strengthened Antarctic supply and training vessel, SA Agulhas - a ship generously provided by the South African Maritime Safety Authority - will make detailed oceanographic, marine biological and meteorological observations on behalf of a number of research bodies around the world.
Lize Desiree Agulhas who plays Lindiwe* "This unique project has proved to be one of the most challenging and the most inspiring of my musical career.
Spatial patterns in the biology of the chokka squid, Loligo reynaudii on the Agulhas Bank, South Africa.
A formacao dessa fase provoca a rejeicao de carbono para a austenita adjacente as agulhas de ferrita bainitica, ja que a solubilidade de carbono na ferrita e muito baixa.
Pencilled in for Saturday was a half-day tour to the Cape of Good Hope, almost the southern tip of Africa (not quite though, as that honour actually belongs to Cape Agulhas, (150 kilometres to the east), but it's the symbolic southernmost point of the continent, and a mecca for most tourists.
Three years later in 2007, a second series saw the pair travel through 18 countries from Scotland to Cape Agulhas in South Africa via Europe and Africa in 2007.
The retailer placed orders to import more than a million bouquets of flowers harvested and packed by South African workers in a scheme that will help to protect 30,000 hectares of biodiversity-rich land on the Agulhas Plain in the Western Cape.