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(Bible) Old Testament a king of ancient Persia and husband of Esther, generally identified with Xerxes


(əˌhæz yuˈɪər əs, əˌhæs-)

a king of ancient Persia, usu. identified as Xerxes I: husband of Esther.
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In addition to that, Kis's writing reflects elements of Ahasverus, the Wandering Jew, and the perspective of an emigre, as he too was Jewish and had moved from Belgrade to Paris.
Nao e absurdo, portanto, pensar que tal concepcao--de associar a expressao judeu errante a lenda de Ahasverus, (20) acrescida da crenca de que ele levava desgraca por onde passasse-, caracteristica do cristianismo medieval e presente na literatura e no imaginario popular europeu, existisse tambem no Ceara oitocentista, como sugere aquela pratica de rezar para se proteger das doencas.
chile Teapa Nitidulidae Conotelus stenoides Murray cacao Chicozapote Silvanidae Ahasverus advena (Waltl.
59) Magnin explains Quinet's Ahasverus not as an outcast, but as representative of "humanity itself, as the incarnate symbol of modern life, the personification of the human species since the dawn of the Christian era.
This author asserted that the bishop of a town called Schleswig had encountered a Jew named Ahas-verus in Hamburg in the 1540s; Ahasverus told the bishop that he had been wandering aimlessly for well over a thousand years.
in Switzerland, Holland, or England (25): "The Jew Ahasverus embodied an age-old Christian dream that Protestant theology, above all Luther himself, had passionately conjured up and brought to life again: the image of the damned and rueful Jew, who had once sinned against the Redeemer and who now meekly confessed his guilt.
Selig ist der Mann, der die Anfechtung erduldet (Blessed is the man who endureth temptation) Text: Georg Christian Lehms; Jacobus 1: 1,12; Ahasverus Fritsch
Quinet's Ahasverus merits major attention as a romantic reprise of the medieval mystery play (pp.
The poems Christ proclaims the atonement, the salvific aspects of his death on the cross, to be a hoax; in a grim parody of the resurrection, Rilke's Christ equates himself with Ahasverus, the Wandering Jew.
Marie-France Rouart 180 compares "Le Reniement de saint Pierre" to the triumphant nihilism of Edgar Quinet's Ahasverus, concluding that the speaker views Saint Peter's denial not "comme une malediction, mais comme la condition meme du genie.
In its definitive nineteenth-century form the legend concerns a Jewish shoemaker by the name of Ahasverus who.
Il n'avait que l'embarras du choix pour trouver les elements dont il avait besoin: Ahasverus, de Quinet; Le Juif errant, d'Eugene Sue, et, meme, la chanson de Beranger intitulee, elle aussi, Le Juif errant.