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or Ah·me·da·bad  (ä′mə-də-bäd′)
A city of northwest India north of Mumbai. Founded in 1411 as the capital of a Gujarat kingdom, it is a commercial and cultural center with many outstanding mosques, temples, and tombs.


(ˈɑːmədəˌbɑːd) or


(Placename) a city in W India, in Gujarat: famous for its mosque. Pop: 3 515 361 (2001)


or Ah•mad•a•bad

(ˌɑ məd ɑˈbɑd)

a city in E Gujarat state, in W India, N of Bombay. 2,954,526.
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Tenders are invited for Providing Annual operation and Comprehensive maintenance Services for Medical gas Pipeline System installed at GMERS Medical College & Hospital, Civil Hospital Campus, Sola, Ahemadabad.
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Addressing an Intellectuals Meet in Ahemadabad, Advani blamed those who do not cast their votes as responsible for the lack of progress in the country.
in for the upcoming November and December edition of the Science Slam to be held in Ahemadabad and Kolkata respectively.
Only top 10 teams from all over India will be shortlisted for the final round in IIM Ahemadabad.
Doctor (2007) reports the setting up of a digital repository of SIP reports at the ICFAI Business School, Ahemadabad, and suggests that gathering of documents, enriching them with metadata, and setting up appropriate indexes must be done for efficient retrieval of information.
5th National Plastics & Packaging Exhibition organised by the Gujarat State Plastics Manufacturers Association in Ahemadabad, India.
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