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Noun1.Sunni Islam - one of the two main branches of orthodox Islam
Islam, Muslimism - the civilization of Muslims collectively which is governed by the Muslim religion; "Islam is predominant in northern Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, and Indonesia"
religious order, religious sect, sect - a subdivision of a larger religious group
Sunni, Sunni Muslim, Sunnite - a member of the branch of Islam that accepts the first four caliphs as rightful successors to Muhammad
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The notorious commander of Katiba Ahl al-Sunna was killed in fierce clashes with other terrorist groups in in the town of al-Harra in Dara'a province, the SOHR said.
Bunza builds on the introduction and presents an enlarged and comprehensive overview of Northern Nigeria's different Muslim movements, such as the Qadiriyya and Tijaniyya Sufi orders, the 'Yan Izala and the different dissident groups that emerged from a 'Yan Izala background since the mid-1980s, such as the Ahl al-Sunna movement.
Il est pourtant difficile d'admettre comment un homme de rigueur scientifique comme Ibn Hazm ne puisse inscrire ses principes parmi les fondements generaux de la majorite des ahl al-hadith ou ahl al-sunna.
Prominent Salafi figure and member of the Ahl Al-Sunna Wal Jam in Sinai Sheikh Mohamed Adly spoke to the Daily News Egypt about the truth behind the release of the kidnapped soldiers.
Boko Haram is the popular title for a group that calls itself Jama'at ahl al-sunna lidav'wa wa-l-qital, and it has operated in Nigeria since 2002-2003.