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or Ah·me·da·bad  (ä′mə-də-bäd′)
A city of northwest India north of Mumbai. Founded in 1411 as the capital of a Gujarat kingdom, it is a commercial and cultural center with many outstanding mosques, temples, and tombs.
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From Delhi, the supplies will be delivered to Ahmadabad by the Missionaries of Charity.
Ashcroft India, located in Ahmadabad, will serve the growing India market for pressure and temperature products that is being driven by expansion in the power and petrochemical industries, as well as general economic growth.
According to details, Sobia of Mohallah Hassan Town had contracted marriage with Qamar Shah, resident of Ahmadabad in tehsil Gojra a year ago.
Going by the online ticket booking portal, the film is getting good response in NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Kolkata and other circuits.
The MLA also asked the lawyers and human rights activists to find some time to visit various jails like Kot Bhalwal, Kathua, Amphalla, Hira Nagar, Tihar, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Allahbad and Ahmadabad and find the facts that how Kashmiri prisoners were being barred from offering prayers and subjected to torture for pity things inside jails.
GARDEZ (PAN): Four children of a family were burnt to death after a gas cylinder blast in the Ahmadabad district of southeastern Paktia province, a doctor said on Monday.
This Program is designed for personnel who are interested in pursuing the coveted PMP certification in the cities: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, and Kolkata & Pune.
local time, as a symbolic act to raise awareness about climate change (AP Photo/Felipe Dana) INDIA Seema, a Royal Bengal tigress, reacts to the camera at the zoo in Ahmadabad.
Groups were assembling for the Hindu festival of Ramnavami in Ahmadabad, when clashes erupted among Hindu and Muslims, killing two Hindus, police said.
West Indies cricketer Brian Lara, wearing a red cap, stretches out his hands to children during a visit to the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmadabad yesterday.
It is understood Mr Nallabhai's group were travelling in a minibus when they were attacked near Himmatnagar, about 100 miles from Gujarat's biggest city, Ahmadabad.
According to officials sources here wednesday, RPO Sahiwal, DCO Okara and Assistant Commissioner Deepalpur visited Mandi Ahmadabad, Basirpur, Atari, Hujran Shah Muqeen and other villages along the river.