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 (ā′kən), Conrad Potter 1889-1973.
American writer known for his poetry. He won a 1930 Pulitzer Prize for Selected Poems.


1. (Biography) Conrad (Potter). 1889–1973, US poet, short-story writer, and critic. His works include Collected Poems (1953) and the novel Blue Voyage (1927)
2. (Biography) Howard Hathaway. 1900–73, US mathematician; pioneered the construction of electronic computers


(ˈeɪ kən)

Conrad ( Potter), 1889–1973, U.S. poet.
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Noun1.Aiken - United States writer (1889-1973)Aiken - United States writer (1889-1973)  
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In this way they proceeded until Aiken had ascertained the channel, when signal was given from the ship for him to return on board.
Aiken and Coles were not to be seen; near him were the two Sandwich Islanders, stripping themselves of their clothing that they might swim more freely.
As to Aikens length of stay, the district court found that Aiken slept in the room and was present for more than a brief period, however, the district court made no factual findings as to the amount of time Aiken spent in the room, Stahl pointed out.
British chef Tom Aikens is opening his Dubai restaurant this autumn, and has confirmed it will be called named "Pots, Pans & Boards", according to Reuters .
The hotel, which is owned by the Aikens Group, was built in 1990 and this was the first renovation of such magnitude since the opening.
They knew that first-round leaders Jeff Bastien and Chris Poblocki had stumbled down the stretch in the group in front of them, but they realized they couldn't celebrate until they heard how three-time defending champions Herb Aikens and Ryan Riley had fared.
TWO London restaurants jointly owned by Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens have gone into administration raising fears a North Wales supplier may be left out of pocket.
MICHELIN star chef Tom Aikens is said to have accused a woman, who had a EUR869-meal at his restaurant, of stealing a spoon.
Aikens and Wiley will take effect upon the completion of the independant audit of the Company's financial statements for the fiscal year ended March 27, 2004.
And Herbie Aikens and Ryan Riley looked pretty comfortable playing together again at Green Hill Municipal Sunday afternoon as they won the Walter Cosgrove Worcester County Four-Ball for the third straight year.
Matthew Clark chief Peter Aikens was under pressure from City investors yesterday as shares crashed again.