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(Placename) the former name (until 1921) of Gaziantep


(ˌgɑ zi ɑnˈtɛp)

a city in S Turkey in Asia. 716,000. Formerly, Aintab.
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PIERCE, MORALITY TALES: LAW AND GENDER IN THE OTTOMAN COURT OF AINTAB 353 (2003) ("The rules of Islamic jurisprudence on bringing accusation of zina were so strict that some scholars of these texts have assumed that the courts would never see instances of adultery, fornication, or rape.
My paternal grandparents were also well-to-do in Aintab, but when they were forced to relocate to Aleppo, my paternal grandfather, Hagop, became angry with the world and with God and stopped working.
In Aintab, an English couple described mutilated Christians walking the streets being taunted by the Turks with cries of: 'Where is your Jesus?
As a result, a substantial part of Peirce's study represents a microhistory of the region of Aintab (today's Gaziantep in southeastern Turkey) over a brief, contiguous group of court records dating to 1540-41.
Her study is based on a close reading of a wide array of Ottoman law codes and court decisions from the city of Aintab.