air freshener

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air′ fresh`ener

an aerosol spray, liquid deodorizer, or other preparation used to remove odors and freshen the air in a room.
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Air care market is segmented by product type into: electric air fresheners, candle air fresheners, liquid air fresheners, gel air fresheners, spray/aerosol air fresheners and others.
California Scents is a leading manufacturer and distributor of home and automotive air fresheners, and is known for its auto air freshener products that are sold in small cans.
Unlike other air fresheners, it breaks down odour molecules killing the most persistent smells and replacing them with fresh air.
Unlike other air fresheners, Neutradol breaks down odour molecules, killing the most persistent smells and replacing them with fresh air.
Over the last decade, air fresheners have emerged as an essential home care product due to increasing product awareness among diverse consumer classes in the US.
With air fresheners being available in multiple variants such as plug-ins, aerosol sprays and gels, the air freshener market in the USis riding high, especially among households with infants and pets.
MANUFACTURER OF LITTLE TREES AIR FRESHENERS, is launching Perk, a new brand that, according to company officials, is designed to shake up the automotive fragrance category.
But a less-recognized trigger sits on counters and tables across the country--scented air fresheners.
Dear EarthTalk: I've heard that many air fresheners contain toxic chemicals.
About 20 percent of the population and 34 percent of people with asthma report health problems from air fresheners.
Scientists found significant links between the disease and women's use of cleaning products, air fresheners and mould removers.
Air fresheners were found to double breast cancer risk among women in the highest-use group, as did weekly use of mould and mildew-removing agents.