Air furnace

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a furnace which depends on a natural draft and not on blast.

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However, the only gas appliances we have are the water heater and forced air furnace.
And you can use a gasifier for hot air heat by installing a water-to-air heat exchanger (a super efficient radiator) in the plenum chamber of your hot air furnace.
56 kW, a solar air furnace and a solar water heater that together should pay for themselves in eight-and-a-half years.
The ignition time was determined in a specially adapted hot air furnace according to ISO 871:2006 at temperatures (450 and 600)[degrees]C, density of heat flux (12.
To create the molten glass, hundreds of Cains beer bottles were fed into an open air furnace yesterday, with the fire reaching temperatures of 1,600degC.
This option will cost consumers an estimated $801 in 2007, compared with $1,930 for the most expensive home-heating option--an electric resistance system (such as electric warm air furnace heating), AGA said.
The original shop has been described in a local historical text as "just 40 sq ft, with one air furnace and three small annealing kilns, each having 24 pots capacity, all operated by 25 men.
For instance, common defects found in resale homes and what they typically cost to repair or replace include an air-conditioning compressor, $800-1,200; asphalt shingle roof, $1,500-2,200; electrical service upgrade, $600-1,200; shower pan, $900-1,600; warm air furnace, $1,500-1,800; and inadequate attic insulation, $800- 1,100.
s Model 32 hot air furnace now includes an automatic stoker, the company says.
The reverberatory or air furnace is a modified open-hearth design.
Benefitting in part from the relatively low initial costs of these systems, warm air furnace shipments accounted for the largest share of total heating equipment shipments.
One factor was a desire to avoid being dependent on electric power for heat during a power outage like happens with a forced air furnace.