Air gap

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1.(Physics) An air-filled gap in a magnetic or electric circuit; specif., in a dynamo or motor, the space between the field-magnet poles and the armature; clearance.
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In the presence of the air gap, the increased duration of Part 3 with increasing [[Pi].
Soler's long-standing personal preoccupation with the fully glazed facade(2) led him to design the fenestration of the flats in the form of a parallel layer of floor-to-ceiling sliding windows separated by a ventilated air gap.
An air gap at the bottom of the plunger creates a resistance that the magnetic field strives to overcome.
Immersion lithography is a resolution enhancement technique that interposes a liquid medium between the scanner optics and the wafer surface, replacing the traditional air gap.
For additional flexibility, the VCNL4020X01 can function at any depth or air gap below the glass window, unlike devices with 8-, 10-, and 12-bit resolutions that require depths or air gaps of 1.
They tested four samples with different densities and permeabilities in cavities of varying aspect ratios and concluded that reducing the insulation thickness (and thereby increasing the air gap thickness) increased heat transfer rates.
Wireless charging technology works by using an alternating electromagnetic field from the base plate that induces an alternating current in the car's secondary coil across the small air gap.
FRAZER STEWART AFRAME the ceiling or wall leaving a 200mm air gap between the existing ceiling/wall and the new surface.
You have to frame the ceiling or wall, leaving a 200mm air gap between the existing ceiling/wall and the new ceiling as it stops noise transferring/vibrating to the new ceiling/wall.
It was in this air gap that U-boats were at their most effective.
Simply employing an air gap doesn't guarantee security, just as putting a scrub room before the OR doesn't stop viruses and bacteria.
The fire rating test was conducted on a steep slope roof with the worst case scenario of a 5" air gap, and without the need of a skirt nor any additional modification.