Air gap

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1.(Physics) An air-filled gap in a magnetic or electric circuit; specif., in a dynamo or motor, the space between the field-magnet poles and the armature; clearance.
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The fabricated prototype of geometry without air gap is depicted in Figure 7(b) and its return loss comparisons are presented in Figure 8(b).
These weighing systems measure tank weight based on the deformation of an air gap surrounding a patented, capacitive sensor.
The older units would have 4mm thick glass and 6mm of air gap.
1980) on piston, liner and cylinder head and creating air gap in the piston (Rama Mohan, 1995) and other components with low-thermal conductivity material like superni, mild steel etc.
The only requirement is that the air gap be located beyond the airflow boundary layer.
Total height with magnet and air gap is approximately 3.
In conventional machines, the gap flux density has normally radial direction; in AFPMs, the air gap flux density presents mainly axial direction.
025" air gap opening set with a stainless steel shim positioned between the body and removable cap.
Water is delivered via an 'up and over' discharge pipe to facilitate air gap compliance.
The ETAC "tacks" the web to the first chill roll and eliminates the "float" or air gap between the printed web and the surface of the chill roll.
This paper studies small-scale synchronous generators with permanent magnet excitation for direct-drive wind-power turbines and presents the analysis of magnetic field distribution in air gap and in magnetic circuit of the generator with radial magnetic flux and permanent magnet excitation.
An air gap is incorporated between each flaskette for optimal gas exchange.