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A low- or middle-latitude, more or less steady, faint photochemical luminescence visible in the upper atmosphere at night.


(Physical Geography) the faint light from the upper atmosphere in the night sky, esp in low latitudes



a dim light, usu. visible at night, that results from ionic radiation in the upper atmosphere.
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Collier's Guide to Night Photography in the Great Outdoors" covers such issues as: How to photograph the Milky Way, northern lights, eclipses, meteors, lightning, air glow, lava, and more; What moon phases to shoot under; Light painting the foreground and recommended flashlights; Capturing star trails with both film and digital cameras; Creating comet-like star trails; Stitching huge images that can be printed very large; Stacking images and blending multiple exposures to increase detail; Focus stacking to increase depth of field; Using an equatorial mount (or star tracker); Enlarging star size to bring out constellations.
Friction with the surrounding air heats it to thousands of degrees, making both the meteoroid and the air glow like a neon bulb.