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An organization that provides air transportation for passengers and freight.


1. (Aeronautics)
a. a system or organization that provides scheduled flights for passengers or cargo
b. (as modifier): an airline pilot.
2. (Mechanical Engineering) a hose or tube carrying air under pressure
3. chiefly US a beeline



a. a system furnishing air transport, usu. scheduled, between specified points.
b. the airplanes, airports, etc., of such a system.
c. Often, airlines. a company that owns or operates such a system.
2. Also, air′ line`. a direct line; beeline.
3. of, for, or on an airline.
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Noun1.airline - a hose that carries air under pressureairline - a hose that carries air under pressure
hosepipe, hose - a flexible pipe for conveying a liquid or gas
2.airline - a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengersairline - a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers
line - a commercial organization serving as a common carrier
fleet - group of aircraft operating together under the same ownership
خَط جَوِّي، شَرِكَة طَيَرَانشَرِكَة طَيَرَان
aerolinieletecká linka
zrakoplovna tvrtka
letalska družba
havayoluhavayolu şirketi
hãng hàng không


A. Nlínea f aérea
B. CPD airline pilot Npiloto mf de compañía aérea


modif [customer, passenger] → de compagnie aérienne; [pilot] → de ligne; [ticket] → de compagnie aérienne
airline food → repas mpl en vol


[ˈɛəˌlaɪn] nlinea or compagnia aerea, aviolinea


() noun
1. the mixture of gases we breathe; the atmosphere. Mountain air is pure.
2. the space above the ground; the sky. Birds fly through the air.
3. appearance. The house had an air of neglect.
4. a tune. She played a simple air on the piano.
1. to expose to the air in order to dry or make more fresh etc. to air linen.
2. to make known. He loved to air his opinions.
ˈairbag noun
a safety bag in a car that protects the driver or a passenger in an accident.
ˈairily adverb
in a light-hearted manner. She airily dismissed all objections.
ˈairiness noun
ˈairing noun
a short walk etc in the open air. She took the baby for an airing.
ˈairless adjective
1. (of weather) still and windless. It was a hot, airless night.
2. (of a room etc) stuffy and without fresh air.
ˈairy adjective
1. with plenty of (fresh) air. an airy room.
2. light-hearted and not serious. an airy disregard for authority.
ˈairborne adjective
in the air or flying. We were airborne five minutes after boarding the plane; airborne germs.
ˌair-conˈditioned adjective
having air-conditioning. an air-conditioned building.
ˌair-conˈditioner noun
an apparatus providing air-conditioning.
ˌair-conˈditioning noun
a method of providing a room, building etc with air of a controlled temperature and humidity.
ˈaircraftplural ˈaircraft noun
any of several types of machine for flying in the air. Enemy aircraft have been sighted.
aircraft carrier
a ship which carries aircraft and which aircraft can use for landing and taking off.
ˈairfield noun
an area of ground (with buildings etc) where (usually military) aircraft are kept and from which they fly.
air force
the part of the armed services which uses aircraft. the army, navy and air force.
ˈair-gun noun
a gun that is worked by air under pressure.
air hostess
a young woman who looks after passengers in an aircraft.
air letter
a letter sent by airmail.
ˈairlift noun
an operation to move cargo or people, carried out by air.
ˈairline noun
(a company that owns) a regular air transport service. Which airline are you travelling by?
ˈairliner noun
a (usually large) aircraft for carrying passengers.
ˈair-lock noun
a bubble in a pipe which prevents liquid from flowing along it.
ˈairmail noun
a system of carrying mail by air. Send this parcel by airmail; (also adjective) an airmail letter.
ˈairman noun
a member of an air force.
ˈair pollution noun
Air pollution is caused by smoke, toxic gases etc.
ˈairplane noun
(American) an aeroplane.
ˈairport noun
a place where passenger aircraft arrive and depart, with buildings for customs, waiting-rooms etc.
ˈair-pump noun
a pump for forcing air in or out of something.
ˈair-raid noun
an attack by aircraft.
ˈairship noun
an aircraft that is lighter than air and can be steered etc.
ˈairtight adjective
(of a container etc) into or through which air cannot pass. an airtight seal on a bottle.
ˈairway noun
a regular course followed by aircraft.
on the air
broadcasting (regularly) on radio or television.
put on airs / give oneself airs
to behave as if one is better or more important than others. She gives herself such airs that everyone dislikes her.


شَرِكَة طَيَرَان aerolinie luftfartsselskab Fluglinie αεροπορική εταιρεία aerolínea, compañía aérea lentoyhtiö compagnie aérienne zrakoplovna tvrtka linea aerea 航空会社 항공사 luchtvaartmaatschappij flyselskap linia lotnicza companhia aérea, linha aérea авиалиния flygbolag สายการบิน havayolu hãng hàng không 航空公司
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