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also A·ye·sha  (ä′ē-shä′) c. 611-678.
The favorite wife of Muhammad. She led an unsuccessful revolt against his successor, Ali.


(ˈɑːiːˌʃɑː) or


(Biography) ?613–678 ad, the favourite wife of Mohammed; daughter of Abu Bekr


(ˈɑ iˌʃɑ)

A.D. 613?–678, favorite wife of Muhammad.
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I say to all Muslims that only al-Bukhari claimed that the Prophet married Aisha bint Abu Bakr when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine.
According to several people who attended the prayers, Asir criticized Shiites for insulting Aisha Bint Abu Bakr, known in history as the favorite wife of the Prophet Mohammad.
A 29-year-old Saudi woman journalist, who asked not to be identified, says few young women have role models beyond the Prophet Muhammad's wives, Aisha bint Abu Bakr and Khadijah bint Khuwaylid.