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Noun1.Aix - wood duck and mandarin duckAix - wood duck and mandarin duck    
bird genus - a genus of birds
Anatidae, family Anatidae - swimming birds having heavy short-legged bodies and bills with a horny tip: swans; geese; ducks
Aix sponsa, summer duck, wood duck, wood widgeon - showy North American duck that nests in hollow trees
Aix galericulata, mandarin duck - showy crested Asiatic duck; often domesticated
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de Salvieux' letter, embraced Renee, kissed the marquise's hand, and shaken that of the marquis, started for Paris along the Aix road.
All this kept her very busy, and she had not had time to do more than look at the little vellum book that Archer had sent her the week before (the "Sonnets from the Portuguese"); but she was learning by heart "How they brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix," because it was one of the first things he had ever read to her; and it amused her to be able to tell him that Kate Merry had never even heard of a poet called Robert Browning.
fairies visited a wood near Aix and carried off the daughter of a
That is why I felt it was better to come and talk to you, and advise you to take Windermere away at once to Homburg or to Aix, where he'll have something to amuse him, and where you can watch him all day long.
IBM AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) is a series of proprietary Unix operating systems developed and sold by IBM for several of its computer platforms.
I thought the mayor's decision was made in agreement with 'Danse a Aix.
Although very different formally from Valence and Avignon, Aix is an equally thoughtful response to site, climate and programme.
AIX Platform Monitor is a new feature of Introscope, Wily's flagship application monitoring solution, which provides users with detailed operating system performance metrics such as process ID, aggregate CPU utilization and CPU utilization for the Web application process.
You can get your own copy of the AIX demo (which has very useful setup info and test tracks in addition to excellent music and video) by sending $6.
If the RS/6000 installed base is as hesitant as the vintage AS/400 server base has been, IBM may have to offer similar or even better deals to its 125,000 customers to get them to update their AIX software to V4.
The IBM AIX Cloud closely follows the launch of Connectria's IBM i Cloud, demonstrating Connectria's continued innovation and leadership in Cloud Computing.
Dynamic Processor Deallocation, working with AIX, can automatically reassign tasks from a potentially failing processor so applications continue to run.