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A city of western Corsica, France, on the Gulf of Ajaccio, an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea. Ajaccio was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.


(əˈdʒætsɪˌəʊ; -ˈdʒeɪ-)
(Placename) the capital of Corsica, a port on the W coast. Pop: 64 432 (2007)


(ɑˈyɑt tʃɔ)

a seaport on the W coast of Corsica: the birthplace of Napoleon I. 54,089.


[əˈʒætʃɪəʊ] NAjaccio m
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Fesch died 175 years ago this month and left a will bequeathing 1,000 pictures to an academy of fine art due to open in Ajaccio, Corsica, where he had been born in 1763.
WEEK ONE Stage by stage TODAY: Stage 2 - Bastia to Ajaccio, Corsica (Medium mountain - 156km) TOMORROW: Stage 3 - Ajaccio to Calvi, Corsica (Medium mountain - 145.
Departing Palma de Mallorca on September 3, calling at Villefranche in France, La Spezia and Civitavecchia in Italy, Ajaccio, Corsica and Palamos in Spain before returning to Palma.
Depending on which cruise you choose, there's a choice of great destinations to stop and explore, including Ajaccio, Corsica, Civitavecchia for Rome, Barcelona and Villefranche for Nice.
Ports of call: Villagarcia de Arosa, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, Gibraltar, Malaga, Almeria, Barcelona, Villefranche, Ajaccio, Corsica, Menorca, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza Town, Portugal, Vigo, Spain.
Born on August 15, 1769, at Ajaccio, Corsica, Napoleon proved to be a great general, winning many battles for France, but suffered his greatest defeat at Waterloo at the hands of Allied forces under the command of the Duje of Wellington.