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 (ăk′bär) Known as "the Great." 1542-1605.
Mughal emperor of India (1556-1605) who conquered most of northern India and exercised religious tolerance.


(Biography) called Akbar the Great. 1542–1605, Mogul emperor of India (1556–1605), who extended the Mogul empire to include N India


(ˈæk bɑr)

( “the Great” ) (Jalal-ud-Din Mohammed), 1542–1605, Mogul emperor of India 1556–1605.
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Beside it is written, in very rough and coarse characters, 'The sign of the four,--Jonathan Small, Mahomet Singh, Abdullah Khan, Dost Akbar.
For that I have no concern," said the king, who was as tolerant as Akbar in matters of belief.
Mr Akbar, in an unexpected move, defeated senior lawyer Raja Shafqat Khan Abbasi.
Earlier, Dr Tanzeem Akbar Cheema was shot dead on Wednesday morning allegedly after a struggle during an armed robbery.
5 overs: (Mohammad Rizwan 72, 65 balls, 4x4s, Israrullah 47, 66 balls, 4x4s, Akbar Badshah 40, 32 balls, 5x4s, Adil Amin 33, 52 balls, 2x4s, Zohaib Khan 31, 20 balls, 4x4s, Mohammad Asghar 3-43, Anwar Ali 3-49, Zia-ul-Haq 2-66).
Black sheep like Inam Akbar not only looted billions of rupees from the public exchequer but also caused losses worth billions of rupees to newspapers and advertising agencies.
According to reporter, Hurriyat leaders and activists including Mohammad Azam Inqilabi, Mohammad Musadiq Aadil, Ghulam Nabi Zaki, Bashir Ahmed Butt, Abdul Rasheed Mughlu, Mohammad Siddique Shah, Shahid Kashmiri and Altaf Andrabi paid rich tributes to the Sofi Akbar.
Tapper also called out two other websites, Infowars and the Daily Caller who had run articles with the headlines, "CNN's Jake Tapper Calls Allahu Akbar 'Beautiful' After NYC Terror Attack and "CNN's Jake Tapper Calls Allahu Akbar 'Beautiful' After Terrorist Attack [VIDEO]" respectively.
Every believing Muslim says Allahu Akbar every day during prayers.
Akbar was caught by Kirklees Council CCTV operators monitoring the town in the early hours of July 14.
Geneva [Switzerland], August 28 ( ANI ): The Baloch Republican Party held shutter down strikes and events across the world, including Balochistan, European countries, United States, South Korea and the United Kingdom on occasion of 11th martyrdom anniversary of 'father of Nation' Shaheed Nawab Akbar BugtI on Saturday.
John had been given new shoes by a charity and handed them over - refusing any cash for the gesture - so Akbar and Rozmin could go in for their meal.