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Noun1.Akhbari - a religious movement by Arab Shiite Muslims in 17th century Iraq that is opposed to the Usuli; "Akhbari Shiism has never promoted political control"
religious movement - a movement intended to bring about religious reforms
Al-Iraq, Irak, Iraq, Republic of Iraq - a republic in the Middle East in western Asia; the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia was in the area now known as Iraq
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Mohammadirad S, Salavati M, Takamjani IE, Akhbari B, Sherafat S, Mazaheri M, et al.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Manager of the Lavan Refinery, Mohammad-Ali Akhbari, said on Wednesday that by the next one or two months, his refinery will start to market 2,700,000 liters of euro 4 gasoline.
Mahfoz Akhbari, spokesman for the chief of Kunduz police, said battles continued in and around the city where Taliban fighters were using civilian homes to launch attacks.
The Iranians also swept the individual awards with Amir Akhbari winning both the best player and top scorer awards and P.
Nargess Afzali, MD; Firoozeh Ahmadi, MD; Famaz Akhbari, BSc.
Generally speaking, a number of scholars believe that all discrepancies among Usuli and Akhbari scholars are rooted in the status of intellect in religion [47].
The paper was compiled by Reza Akhbari and Jason Stern, who conducted 54 interviews - 27 of them outside Bahrain - between January last year and last month.
In Afghan newspaper named, Siraj ul Akhbari Afghanistan, he wrote articles to expose imperialist design and the British Indian policies.
of Technology, Iran) and Masih Akhbari (water resources management, Colorado State U.
The artists Abbas Akhbari and Omid Ghajarian from Iran, Greg Daly from Australia, Sandeep Manchekar from India, Ferenc Halmos from Hungary and Sevim Cizer, Tugrul Emre Feyzoglu, Emel Solenay, irem Calisici Pala from Turkey participated in the symposium as invited artists and Bingiil Bagarir was the honoured artist.