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 (ä′kē-hē′tō) Born 1933.
Emperor of Japan (since 1989). He succeeded his father, Hirohito.


(Biography) born 1933, Emperor of Japan from 1989


(ˌɑ kɪˈhi toʊ)

( “Heisei” ), born 1933, emperor of Japan since 1989 (son of Hirohito).
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Imperial Household Agency chief Shingo Haketa said Wednesday that he has given Crown Prince Naruhito a rare piece of candid advice recommending that the crown prince and his family visit Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko at the Imperial Palace more often.
ANGRY ex-POWs will whistle the tune Colonel Bogey and turn their backs on Japanese Emperor Akihito during his state visit next month.
Emperor Akihito expressed gratitude Sunday to thousands of well-wishers who gathered at the Imperial Palace for his 74th birthday celebration.
Japan's Emperor Akihito, who arrives in Britain on Sunday for an official visit, will not face any of the protests he had to endure on his last trip, but former prisoners-of-war would still like to meet him and spell out their grievances.
TONY Blair faced the rage of old soldiers yesterday over the decision to give the Order of the Garter - Britain's highest chivalry award - to Japanese Emperor Akihito.
Queen Elizabeth decided against giving an honor to Emperor Akihito on his official installation as crown prince because it was too soon after the war -- but Britain's senior representative in Tokyo was furious when he learned his French counterpart was pressing Paris to offer the crown prince a top ceremonial award, government files from 1952 have revealed.
Japanese Emperor Akihito on Thursday attended a luncheon hosted by the president of Estonia and said he recalled the events that led to the independence of three Baltic states in the early 1990s after he and Empress Michiko arrived in Estonia, the second leg of their 10-day European tour.
Emperor Akihito says he is sorry for typhoon damage
newspaper suggested in its editorial published Wednesday that Japan's Emperor Akihito ''go one step further and offer a more forceful apology for all the crimes committed in his family's name,'' commenting on the ongoing controversy over the so-called ''comfort women.
Emperor Akihito is likely to give a future-oriented speech and not to mention the history between Japan and South Korea at a state banquet scheduled for Friday to welcome South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun, government sources said Thursday.
Emperor Akihito, on the occasion of his 73rd birthday Saturday, reaffirmed the importance of mourning the war dead, but avoided mention of Tokyo's war-linked Yasukuni Shrine, the subject of considerable debate regarding visits by politicians and royals for mourning practices there.
Princess Sayako, the only daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, on Friday arrived at Narita airport from Europe, where she was on an official visit to Romania and Croatia that began Oct.