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A·ki·ta 1

 (ä-kē′tə, ä′kĭ-tä′)
A city of northwest Honshu, Japan, on the Sea of Japan. It is a major port.

A·ki·ta 2

A dog of a large breed developed in Japan for hunting, having small erect ears, a curled tail carried over the back, and a thick coat of various colors.

[After Akita prefecture in northwest Honshu, Japan, where the breed is thought to have originated.]


(Breeds) a large powerfully-built dog of a Japanese breed with erect ears, a typically white coat, and a large full tail carried curled over its back
[C20: named after a district in N Japan]


(əˈki tə)

n., pl. -tas.
1. a seaport on N Honshu, in N Japan, on the Sea of Japan. 302,000.
2. one of a Japanese breed of large, muscular dogs with a broad, triangular head, erect ears, a stiff coat, and a long, curled tail.
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The Akita branch, however, rejected the plaintiffs' demand to nullify the House of Representatives election result for the Akita No.
AKITA, Japan - The Akita Shinkansen Line resumed operations Monday after a bullet train derailed in a northeastern city on Saturday, its operator East Japan Railway Co.
Police confirmed that the two Akita dogs have been released.
For all of Akita, shale oil reserves are projected at 100 million barrels, worth nearly 10 percent of Japan's annual oil consumption.
The dog was put down by veterinary services and the owner, who was arrested by police for not keeping the Akita on a leash, was released yesterday without charge.
Yume was the Akita prefectureas gift to show gratitude for Russiaas assistance after 2011as devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
The new factory at Akita Epson will manufacture and assemble inkjet printheads, the core devices used in Epson's high-capacity ink tank printers and business inkjet printers.
The Akita is a large breed of dog originating from the northern regions of Japan.
Seventy years ago, Watanabe, then 3 years old, was evacuated from Hiroshima to Akita but returned to Hiroshima with his mother six days after the atomic bomb was dropped on the city, where he was exposed to radiation.
Yutaka Wada, Director, Akita Space Development Institute, Akita University: "We were relieved that the rocket was launched wonderfully.
WoUND Brian is bandaged after an Akita, above, sunk teeth into his arm, right, while he held his dog Bodie, top.
The government argued that Crown Land on Providenciales, approved for sale to Hanchell at the time when he was a minister in government, was sold to Akita at Hanchell's direction at an undervalue, in circumstances where Hanchell knew the land was being sold at an undervalue and did not disclose that to the government.