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also Ac·cad  (ăk′ăd′, ä′käd′)
1. An ancient region of Mesopotamia occupying the northern part of Babylonia. It reached the height of its power in the third millennium bc.
2. also A·ga·de (ə-gä′də) An ancient city of Mesopotamia and capital of the Akkadian empire.


(ˈækæd) or


1. (Placename) a city on the Euphrates in N Babylonia, the centre of a major empire and civilization (2360–2180 bc). Ancient name: Agade
2. (Placename) an ancient region lying north of Babylon, from which the Akkadian language and culture is named


or Ac•cad

(ˈæk æd, ˈɑ kɑd)

1. an ancient region in Mesopotamia, the N division of Babylonia.
2. a city in this region: capital of the Akkadian empire c2350–2200 b.c.
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