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also Ac·cad  (ăk′ăd′, ä′käd′)
1. An ancient region of Mesopotamia occupying the northern part of Babylonia. It reached the height of its power in the third millennium bc.
2. also A·ga·de (ə-gä′də) An ancient city of Mesopotamia and capital of the Akkadian empire.


(ˈækæd) or


1. (Placename) a city on the Euphrates in N Babylonia, the centre of a major empire and civilization (2360–2180 bc). Ancient name: Agade
2. (Placename) an ancient region lying north of Babylon, from which the Akkadian language and culture is named


or Ac•cad

(ˈæk æd, ˈɑ kɑd)

1. an ancient region in Mesopotamia, the N division of Babylonia.
2. a city in this region: capital of the Akkadian empire c2350–2200 b.c.
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Anyone interested in exploring how they can donate to this programme to help enhance the financial support the university can provide to the refugee students should email Sara Akkad at S.
The procedure was performed under the leadership of Dr Mohamed El Akkad, senior consultant, General Surgery at AWH, with Dr Nizar Bouchiba, specialist general surgery, as the first surgeon, and Dr Adbelrahman Elosta, specialist general surgery, as the assistant surgeon.
Emad El Akkad, 29, an Egyptian technical support engineer who lives in Dubai, was onboard the aircraft.
the requirements on the network and storage infrastructure," said Baraa Al Akkad,
Fourteen grandsons, George and his wife Stella, Simon and his wife Faya, Ashur, Delmon, Ninos and his wife Maya, Sargon and his wife Catherine, Dany, Andrew and his wife Brittney, Brian (deceased), Matthew, Michael, Jack, Ryan and Alex, a granddaughter, Ninwa, five great grandsons, Sargon, Enkido, Rabi, Akkad and Renyo.
3]immeuble 81, situe a l'angle des rues Abbas Mahmoud Al Akkad et Dejla, quatre familles marocaines de confession juive sont menacees d'etre jetees a la rue, sans que cela ne suscite la moindre reaction de la part des autorites publiques.
Aleppo, SANA- Aleppo Governor Mohammad Wahid Akkad affirmed Monday that the government is committed to facilitate the work of the humanitarian organizations and offer them all needed aid to be able to deliver their services and assistance to all affected citizens.
We are delighted to work with SpectiCast to bring this restored and re-mastered version of Halloween to movie screens," says producer Malek Akkad.
The three persons are: Hashim Anwar al-Aqqad, a prominent businessman, chairman of the Akkad Group of companies that operate in multiple sectors of the Syrian economy, including oil and gas, Colonel Suhayl Hasan Military commander for the Syrian regime and Amr Armanazi, the Director General of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Centre The nine entities are: Oceans Petroleum Trading based in Beirut, accused of organising covert shipments of oil to the Syrian regime.
For Bejjeh, Mario Abboud had 12 points and six rebounds, and Mohammad Akkad added 10 points.
The buyer was HH Really Equities, a local owner headed by Solmi Accad and Ariel Akkad.
The period after the collapse of the Akkadian empire about 2200 BC was known even then as the seven generations since the Fall of Akkad.