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(Russian akˈmɔlinsk)
(Placename) a former name (until 1961) Astana


(ˌæk məˈlɪnsk)

a former name of Akmola.
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5) In addition, MVD officials worried about the trustworthiness (blagonadezhnost) of a mullah from Akmolinsk oblast who suggested this idea to Ignat'ev (RGLA f.
It began as a tiny 'tsarist outpost' named Akmolinsk, but it quickly achieved cityhood in the 1960s.
The climate and vegetation in North Kazakhstan differ from Canada's; therefore, at the first stage, it is important to study acclimatization of imported purebred animals and at the second stage, adaptation of animals of own reproduction, that is, those that are born and bred in the natural biotope of Akmolinsk region of Kazakhstan.
Agricultural formations of North Kazakhstan (6,64%), West Kazakhstan (5,57%), Pavlodar (5,04%), Akmolinsk (4,32%), Zhambylsk (3,63%), Kostanay (3,57%), East Kazakhstan (2,12%) regions in which the contamination percent by 1,1-3,39 times exceeds a similar indicator on the republic appeared the most unsuccessful on leucosis of cattle.
This name was Russified to Akmolinsk during the Russian Empire.
Kalachi, a small village in the Akmolinsk region, has been beset with an inexplicable deep-sleep syndrome since March 2013.